Google to show security warnings in Chrome

19th October 2017 by Rob MacDonald

Google Chrome Browser Warning

Why your website needs an SSL Certificate

Google has been pushing for a more secure web now for a long time and have been warning that they will show websites that don’t have an SSL certificate installed as “Not Secure” in their Chrome web browser.

Before the end of October, Google plan to release their latest version of the Google Chrome web browser – version 62. The most significant change is that it will show warnings on all web pages that contain forms that it regards as not secure. For example a contact form or any page with a form that Google deems is in need of https protection.

Eventually, Google plan to label ALL websites that don’t have an SSL certificate installed as “Not Secure”. So you need to get an SSL certificate if you haven’t already got one.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL encrypts information sent between your website and a visitors browser so that it can’t be read as it is sent across the internet.

If a website has an SSL certificate installed then a green padlock shows that the site is secure and the address bar will change from showing http to https.

SSL certificate

The benefits of an SSL certificate

  • They encrypt sensitive data and information
  • A potential boost in Googles search engine rankings
  • They build trust and show your visitors that you take security seriously

If your site is not https at the moment, then now is the time to get an SSL certificate. If you don’t then visitors coming to your site will be deterred by the “Not Secure” warnings in Google Chrome and will lose trust in your website and maybe even your business.

If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate or you are not certain then get in touch to discuss your options asap.

Rob MacDonald

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