Business goals your website can help you achieve

Before you even consider hiring an agency to help you create a new website, it’s critical to narrow down what you need that website to achieve. We talked about this a little bit as the first step in our 5 step web design process but we’ll go into more detail here. 

5 business goal examples

Your website design should be focused on specific goals along with measurable objectives to attain them.

We understand that your marketing goals will differ depending on the nature of the work you do but have shared some examples below.

The objectives listed can be measured and monitored through an analytics tool, like Google Analytics, your social media platforms, and SEO tools.

Goal 1: Improve brand awareness & reputation

A website can do so much good for your brand. People will judge your company based on your website so if it looks bad or is hard to use, it can reflect poorly on every aspect of your company. A great website on the other hand can help to improve your brand’s reputation and increase brand awareness by attracting more visitors to your site.

Objectives: Website visitors

Goal 2: Capture more leads

Depending on your sales process and customer journey, one goal for your website could be collecting contact information from potential leads for your sales team to follow up with.

Objectives: Contact form submissions, new email subscribers, phone calls

Goal 3: Convert leads

Whether it is an eCommerce store or not, your website is still a sales tool. Even if customers can’t buy your product or service directly from your website, it should be used as an important tool in the customer journey.

Objectives: Online purchases, in-store purchases, new subscribers, new service sign-ups

Goal 4: Inform your audience

Having your own well-designed and thought-out website gives you the perfect opportunity to show site visitors that you know what you’re talking about, explain your services, or provide information about a topic. You can utilise a blog to give your company a platform to create and publish the kind of content that attracts and engages consumers.

Objectives: Blog post views, number of blog page visits, time spent on site, whitepaper downloads, video views

Goal 5: Become an industry leader

Your website can help you position your company as an industry thought leader. One way to do this is by creating and sharing well-researched, informative, and interesting resources, such as blog posts and whitepapers. 

Objectives: Social shares of your content, blog posts views, whitepaper downloads, video views

Where to start?

Before you sit down to make your list of website goals, you need to know why your site exists. What action do you want your site visitors to take?

Establishing the right website objectives from the get-go will help the whole process run more smoothly and increase your chance of success.

So where do you start when approaching a redesign or completely new website?

Think about your target audience

You need to focus on your ideal visitor. Your content needs to instantly appeal to your ideal visitors, convince them you are worthy of their time and make it easy for them to take the next step.

Set realistic goals

It’s easy to create a long wishlist but do you have the resources and staff to dedicate to achieving them? Make sure you consider options that better suit your organisation’s capabilities.

Measure success

In the planning stage you should also consider how to measure the success of your new website. Benchmark your starting point and then measure the changes over time. We shared some specific measurable objectives above.

Your business goals are the starting point

While we can help you create a website that works, you need to start by listing the strategic goals and objectives for your site. Doing this as well as always keeping your ideal visitor in mind, you’ll greatly increase your chances of online success.

We specialise in web design that converts visitors to customers so get in touch to discuss your web project.