A guide to great web design in 2021

From education, leisure and tourism to construction, retail and IT, we have extensive experience in designing responsive websites for a wide range of industries from our base in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

Our experience means we know what design elements and features help to make up a great website. 

Continue reading to learn three of our top insights for web design in 2021.

Put the user first

Here, at Creative Aspects, our focus is on creating websites that convert visitors into customers. One way we achieve this is to focus on the user experience.

User experience is very important because it tries to fulfil the exact needs of the user. The aim is to provide an easy to use website with a positive experience that keeps people loyal to your product or brand, keeps them on your website longer, and ultimately leads to more conversions. 

Without this focus on the user experience, you could be losing website visitors and potential sales.

To help create a great online experience for your website visitors, we design websites that are engaging, fast, easy to use and navigate, whilst also taking your business goals and objectives into account. This is incorporated into our 5 step web design process for all of our web design projects.

Make sure your site is fast

As anyone who spends time online will know, it’s very frustrating having to wait for web pages to load. 

People now expect websites to appear almost instantaneously. If a site leaves a visitor waiting too long, they will just give up and leave the site and visit one of your competitors instead. This is called bounce rate and can be measured in Google Analytics. Page speed is therefore a crucial part of creating a great first impression and user experience. 

A fast website can help keep potential customers on your site for longer and improve your chances of getting that all-important conversion.

Speed is a ranking factor that Google uses to rank pages so a faster website can also help your site to rank higher on the search results page. Rolling out in May 2021 Google will include Core Web Vitals as part of it’s page experience signals. What this means is that speed and user experience are more important than ever.

Speed is such a crucial factor in web design in 2021 that we have introduced a new Lightning Care Plan that incorporates techniques that make your site content load quicker including image optimisation, caching and the use of a content delivery network (CDN).

Go bold with colour

We’ve talked previously about people spending more time online with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing a shift in retail habits. With that in mind, we believe 2021 could mark a change from the minimalist flat design style we’ve been seeing for a few years.

At Creative Aspects, we really like “flat design” that has been a trend for a number of years. We like the minimalistic, clean look with plenty of white space.

In 2021 we don’t expect the minimalistic look to letup, but rather evolve and be more adventurous with more use of bold, bright colours to help your site stand out from the crowd and stick in people’s minds.

Push the boundaries with your choice of images and graphics to help convey your message and promote your brand visually too.

New year, new website?

With over 20 years of experience in web design for a wide range of industries, we know what web design elements and features work regardless of what industry you’re in.

So, if 2021 is the year that “get a new website” is one of your business goals, please get in touch.