Where am I going wrong with my website?

We’ve talked about some of the signs that you need a new website in a previous post, but this month, we’re answering the question: where am I going wrong with my website?

Here, we’ve grouped website problems into one of three categories: content, user experience (UX), and web design and build.

Take a look through this post and see if you can identify what’s going wrong with your website and create a list of areas that you need to work on.

Your content is letting you down

If you’re getting visitors to your website, but the bounce rate is high and they’re not converting and taking the actions you want them to take, your content could be an issue.

It can be hard to be objective when reviewing your own business’ website, but try and take an honest look at your content and see if your site’s text and images are communicating what you need them to.

10 content issues that could be letting your website down are:

  • Hardly any copy
  • No clear offering
  • Stuffy or overly technical copy that doesn’t sound human
  • Too much jargon and buzzwords
  • Outdated data and references
  • Off-brand messaging
  • The focus is on you instead of your customers
  • Bad grammar and spelling (Quick tip: Grammarly is a good, free tool to proofread your writing) 
  • Low-quality images or videos
  • You haven’t thought of SEO

You’re offering a poor user experience 

When we talk about user experience or UX, we’re referring to your website visitor’s experience on your website. Can they easily navigate around your site? Are all the buttons and links working properly? Is your site loading quickly?

If your site has UX issues, it could prevent people from taking the kind of actions you want like clicks, downloads, and purchases.

Here are 6 UX fails typically found on a bad website:

  • Poor site navigation – is your main menu confusing or missing key pages?
  • 404 errors / page not found issues
  • Too many pop ups that distract and annoy visitors
  • Content and pages that are hard to find
  • Too many elements cluttering up the page
  • Unreadable text and unclickable links

Your website design is causing issues

The final elements we’re going to look at are related to your website’s design and build. These issues can leave your website visitors frustrated and potentially force them into the digital arms of your competitor.

Some website problems that are nestled within this section include:

  • Slow loading website 
  • Unresponsive on different devices
  • It’s not secure – there’s no SSL certificate
  • Overly minimal design
  • Or information overload!

Put your website on the right path

Hopefully, you’ll now have a clearer idea of where you’re going wrong with your website and have compiled a to-do list of things to rectify.

If you’re overwhelmed by your list and thinking of starting anew, take a look at our 5 step web design process to give you an idea of the process of working with us here at Creative Aspects. 

We specialise in creating websites that are engaging, easy to use, and driving conversions with clients in Harrogate, Yorkshire, and throughout the UK. 

If you’re ready to move forward with a new web project, please do get in touch.