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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

13th November 2017

Responsive website design has been around for a few years now. Yet many websites I see are still not optimised for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These websites are undoubtedly losing customers because of a poor user experience.

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Google Chrome Browser Warning

Google to show security warnings in Chrome

19th October 2017

Google has been pushing for a more secure web now for a long time and have been warning that they will show websites that don’t have an SSL certificate installed as “Not Secure” in their Chrome web browser.

Before the end of October, Google plan to release their latest version of the Google Chrome web browser – version 62. The most significant change is that It will show warnings on all web pages that contain forms that it regards as not secure. For example a contact form or any page with a form that Google deems is in need of https protection.

Eventually, Google plan to label ALL websites that don’t have an SSL certificate installed as “Not Secure”. So you need to get an SSL certificate if you haven’t already got one.

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WordPress Website Maintenance

Why regular maintenance is essential on your WordPress website

29th June 2017

Like any software, WordPress requires regular maintenance to keep your website functioning properly.

Avoiding website maintenance is not an option these days. Ongoing maintenance is required to fix bugs and more importantly security vulnerabilities.

Hackers look to exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software. This includes old versions of WordPress and plugins, therefore, it is extremely important that your WordPress website is kept up-to-date.

Your website should always be live, ready for visitors and presenting your business at its best.

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